In this post, I will tell you how to use my Mobirise design blocks as a free Mobirise user and then at the end of the post I will tell you about a faster way to import the blocks but it requires the code editor extension.

Let’s begin!

So this first method works for all Mobirise users Free and Premium.

Begin by browsing to the block or template that you would like to use. Somewhere near the top of the post you will find a link called project download, click on that link and a “project.mobirise” file will start to download. Once the download is completed go ahead and open up the Mobirise builder and go to sites, you should now see an option that says “Create New Site or Import Mobirise Site” Click on “Import Mobirise Site” and browse to the file you just downloaded and click open.

The block or template you just downloaded should now appear in your Mobirise editor and the only thing left to do is to save the block for future use. To do this simply click on the “Save to user blocks” button near block parameters.

That’s it!

Now let’s talk about the faster way of importing blocks. Like I mentioned at the top of the post this method requires you to have the Mobirise code editor extension.

Begin by browsing to the block you would like you to use, now open up Mobirise and add a pre-existing block to your page (doesn’t matter which one) then click on “Edit Code” this will open up the HTML and CSS code for the block you chose.
Now all you need to do is replace the HTML code with the HTML code from the post of the block you wish to use. Then do the same thing with the CSS code click save and you’re done!